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Dec 26, 2017
Dec 26, 2017
Follow Ouachita trail to the east and take the spur to the right.
Park at Camp area, cross creek and follow old road trace.
Drive to Staunton River State Park in Scottsburg VA. Note there is an entrance fee. Park up at the Visitors Centre. Walk behind the Visitors Centre towards the Swimming Pool through the parking area but closest to the wooded area. At the easement area just before the end of the parking, a trail sign for Tulelo trail should be evident. Head down the wide easement to the bottom and take the trail on the left marked River Bank trail which is blazed blue. Follow the signs for the cabins. Take the detour marked right to see a nice view of Buggs Island Lake. Retrace steps back to the junction to continue on River Bank trail. This emerges out of the trees to cross the park road and then reenters the woods to skirt the shoreline. There are nice views on this side of the lake. The trail passes an intersection with Captain Staunton trail. The Robin's Roost trail marks the last section that skirts the shoreline. The trail delves further into the woods to reach an intersection with Twin Loops trail that is blazed pink. Follow the signs for Twin Loops trail which comprises 2 loops. Start on Loop 2 first. Passing Beaver Swamp trail which comes in on the left will verify that one is following Loop 2. There are few brown signs marked "Do not enter" that denote the park boundary. Follow the pink blazes until the intersection with Loop 1 is reached. Loop 1 continues by heading straight on at this intersection. It is possible to skip Loop 1 altogether at this point by following the signs for the River Bank trail/Horse trailer parking lot that are marked right. Keep on Loop 1 until the loop is finally closed. Head up the hill and turn right to continue with the pink blazes until it intersects with the River Bank trail. Turn right again to join the River Bank trail. Left will take you to the Horse trailer parking lot. The River Bank trail comes out of the woods to cross the park road by the main entrance. Cross over the road and bear slightly right to rejoin the trail on the other side of the road. A cafe/pitch n putt golf course will be on your right. This is a decent place for breakfast if you are staying overnight in the park cabins. Follow River Bank trail until it bends around to the left and comes out of the woods. There is a small bench here. The trail is wider at this point for a short section before heading right back into the woods. A sign marked no entry for straight on marks the turn. The next section of trail is in the open and on clay like surface until the lake comes back into view and the trail soon reenters the wood. It follows the shoreline before passing the terminus of Robin's Roost trail coming in from the left. Soon after the trail turns left and then almost immediately right by the turn for Crow's Nest trail. Signs at this point mark the distance for Picnic Areas 1 and 2. Area 2 is a long 0.5 mile from this point. As the trail comes out on the road, a short detour to Picnic Area 2 is worth a stop. There are lots of picnic tables and BBQs set up and it offers a nice view of the lake. Retrace steps back to the trail to turn right back into the woods. The trail skirts across a power line easement area to reenter the woods and around Picnic Area 1 which can be reached by taking a side trail on the lefthand side. A final downhill and around skirting the lakeside one final time reaches the end of the loop - take the sign marked for park office and pool to emerge up the easement section and out on the parking lot for the swimming pool. Retrace steps back to the Visitors Centre.
Outer loop at Harbison State Forest
Dec 25, 2017
Dec 24, 2017
Dec 23, 2017
Done. Done done done DONE. 52 Hike Challenge hike 52. Tragic that Jackie couldn't join us.