Best Hiking Trails in San Bernardino National Forest


San Bernadino National Forest is located east of Los Angeles, CA, and is bordered on the east by Joshua Tree National Park.

In 2018, it was heavily burned by wildfires and parts of the forest were temporarily closed.

Getting Started

It's no hassle to go hiking in San Bernadino National Forest. Pick a hike, and park at or near the trailhead.

When to Go

People avoid San Bernadino in the summer (June, July, August, September) because of the heat.


Hiking and backpacking in San Bernadino National Forest doesn't generally require a permit.

The San Jacinto, Santa Rosa, San Gorgonio, and Cucamonga Wilderness Areas require a free wilderness permit for day-hiking and overnight camping.

Dog Info

Dogs are allowed in, [except in the Mount San Jacinto State Park Wilderness](

Seasonal Popularity