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Morning coffee and a hike with Riley. Tested out his new booties when he started to limp from the cold. Isn't quite used to single digit temps yet.
Feb 08, 2016
Feb 09, 2016
It was not easy to find the beginning of this trail and the Countryside series map seems to mislead you into thinking you can cross the railway tracks or the Penny Bay highway hence you will see a couple of false starts in my tracks here! But once you get onto the path, it's another bush bash to get to the first trig post at Tai Shan and then a much more open path and a relatively hard slog to the 291m trig post at the top of Fa Peng Teng. Thereafter, it's a fairly steady descent and then up to Tai Pik Shan. Shortly after the peak, there was supposed to be a track down to Sze Pak Wan but I couldn't find it so ended up descending to Sam Pak Au and enduring more scratches through a bush bash to the service reservoir and it's associated service road leading to the Discovery Bay road that leads back to Sunny Bay. Spectacular views are to be had from the top of Fa Peng Teng. Ships, aircraft and trucks are all visible from this point! Some rather interesting flowers were blooming on the lower slopes. I thought it is too early for these to bloom but it was 35 deg C at the top of the mountain today so almost summer temperatures!
My first use of Gaia GPS, and I find it works very well. This hike was also my first trip onto the Olympic Peninsula, and I found the drive from Lake Stevens to Port Angeles and Crescent Lake a long, but very scenic one. The Spruce RR trail is an easy trail as far as elevation change is concerned, and the condition of the trail, while muddy in some spots (what trail in the PNW is not in February?), is very good.
Feb 06, 2016
This trip was supposed to be a slight deviation from yesterday's hike to Disneyland: we turned left at the top of the hill instead of right. This took us down to an abandoned village by a cove called Fa Peng. The beach was horribly littered with marine debris but otherwise, quite a remarkable little beach and quite isolated. Much of the rest of our hike was a real bush bash following the ribbons that previous hiking enthusiasts have kindly tied to trees and bushes. The Gaiagps track didn't show anything there but the Countryside series map showed a way to get through and sure enough, with some cuts and scrapes, we made it to Disneyland. Can anyone identify what the red and white contraption in one of my photos actually is or does?
Feb 07, 2016
Twin Arches Loop 02/07/16
Feb 07, 2016
Mostly followed these directions: http://www.njhiking.com/nj-hikes-musconetcong-gorge/
Feb 07, 2016