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Peter, Jim and I went to see the top of Hanson's Pass and to confirm the location.
Hiked up one Cooley and down another. Flowers and foliage was amazing.
Went out on classic skis with swix blue extra was, but after going down the first hill all the wax was stripped off, and i skated back. After getting back to the car, i went back up on skate skis to pick up dog poop.
Feb 11, 2016
Feb 12, 2016
Also skied some of the Nordic area. The last photo is from Hood River Meadows (Nordic Area)
Wasn't groomed, but could still see corduroy from last week in some places. Fell on the way down, the trail just collapsed out from under me.
Jan 16, 2016
Stadt Wehlen - Götzingers Höhle - Kleiner Bärenstein - Riegelhoffstiege - Großer Bärenstein - Raustein - Rauensteinweg - Rathen - Honigsteinrücken - Am Maiturm - Lammhöhle - Lokomotive - Rathen - Wehlener Weg - Stadt Wehlen