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Sep 17, 2016
Dog Waste: (2) Trash: 35 lbs 0 meaningful encounters Trail Maintenance Needs: 3 Tess (Urban Ranger) quote: My first patrol with a volunteer went great! They were very optimistic and happy to help. It's nice to see other people not necessarily in the same community as me getting eager about things that I have a passion for! Volunteer: Spencer, Film Major "People littering puts us in a real pickle" Side note: we got to play with a Bernese Mountain dog named Pickle.
Dog Waste: 12 Trash: 40 lbs (including a dead chicken) 1 meaningful encounter Trail Maintenance Needs: 8 Tess (urban ranger) quote: This was a great first patrol! I got the chance to go with a fellow Urban Ranger. It was nice to go with him and learn through/with each other about what we're supposed to be doing. This was a really good day and first experience because I felt like I did something that made a difference, I got in a nice workout, and I got away from campus and school.
Sep 20, 2016
Conditions dry and cool
This is one of the most popular trails in Northwest Arkansas and for good reason.