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Sep 29, 2016
This is about as flat as and off road trail is going to get in this area. Nothing special about this except that the trails are perfectly smooth. This might only be something to "hike" if you live in the area and are short on time. Views: Forest, Rolling hills, 280 Freeway Crowed: Low - unless a meet or training run Difficulty 1-5 for relative distance: 1 Bike: NO Bikes Dogs: NO Dogs Cautions: Parking: Free - alone St James or Hallmark AREA General Note: - Often mid week you might not see another person on your loop. - Wildlife consists not only of lizards, rabbits, birds and deer, but I have seen or seen signs of coyote, bob cat, rattle snakes and even mountain lions in several of the preserves over the years. Seems like the lizards make the most noise as the run thru the leaves, but note that on several occasions the rattle snakes did NOT rattle. It never hurts to be aware of were you are stepping.
Lap of Richmond Park morning of Bren and Harry's wedding.
Sep 29, 2016
Camped at Grass Lake and got an early morning start. Threat of afternoon snow and lightning, but never produced while I was up there. I mis-identified Mt Irvine, but it was an easy traverse to the true summit. I was very confused by the traverse to Mallory and had to go back and forth to find the right way. I was following a trip report found on summitpost, but was having a hard go of it, then I realized that the poster did not start from Richins Pass, but from the chute I later descended to get back to the bowl. If you start from Richins Pass, there will be more class three that takes you on both sides of the ridge. Once I passed the chute that the posters ascended, then I stayed on the west side until I summited.
Sep 29, 2016