Gaia GPS's Commitment to Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

Gaia GPS stands with the Black community and the movement to dismantle white supremacy and eradicate racism. We commit to change our practices and being an anti-racist organization that not only supports diversity but also fights for it. While in business to help people access the backcountry, we failed to put in time and resources to make the trails accessible and inviting to everyone. We regret that we did not take a stance sooner and know that we must act now and fight for basic human rights. Wild spaces belong to everyone, and we can and must do more to make the outdoors an equitable space.

We pledge to examine our policies and practices and rebuild a structure that hinges on the inclusion of every single identity.

Our current plan of action:

  • We are changing our hiring practices to make our company welcoming and supporting to Black people and people from other under-represented groups.
  • We plan to make monthly donations to organizations that support under-represented communities getting outside, and started right away by donating $10,000 to Outdoor Afro, $5,000 to the Greening Youth Foundation, and $5,000 to Native Women’s Wilderness.
  • We are working to build relationships with and highlight the experiences and achievements of athletes and leaders from under-represented communities, with a focus on BIPOC.
  • We are creating a plan that will help us to pursue partnerships with organizations and non-profits whose missions center around supporting under-represented groups in the outdoors.
  • We’ve reached out to organizations that specialize in assisting outdoor companies to work towards a better, more inclusive future, like Diversify Outdoors and the In Solidarity Project.

Join Us:

We invite our community to hold us accountable as we embark on this work that will undoubtedly never have a finish line. You can email to ask what we’re up to at any time or check back on this page for updates.

Want to put your dollars towards organizations building community for more people outside? Here's a shortlist of organizations we believe in.