Expanded Free Service Policy During COVID-19 Pandemic

Since Gaia GPS began, we have offered free and reduced prices to search & rescue and other volunteer groups who work in the outdoors. Due to COVID-19, we’re updating and expanding that offer until further notice.

  • New Signups - we are now granting a free year of service to any organization helping to face the pandemic (we previously only gave free service to volunteer groups, but now even paid SAR or other groups are welcome if they are focusing on pandemic response).

    1. If you have not already created a team account, click here to start one.

    2. Send a note to so we can extend the automatic trial to a full year.

  • Lapsed Memberships - if your organization has a previously lapsed Membership and you would like to use Gaia GPS for anything related to the pandemic, we will grant you an additional free year - email to request an extension.

  • Current Paid Customers - if you or your organization is currently a paying Member up for renewal, but is having financial hardship because of the pandemic, please email to request free service.

Gaia GPS for Teams

If you are part of a professional organization, start a free 30-day trial of Gaia GPS for Teams. A Team account lets you manage and pay for multiple licenses, and gives you access to a dedicated account manager.

Click here to learn about more about teams.

Gaia GPS for Teams costs $40/user/year, for a limited time.

Volunteer groups may qualify for a discount at the end of their trial