Join a creative team working on the future of outdoor software and maps. Work in an environment with few deadlines, which nurtures innovation and free thought. Build, design, and imagine the future of software for the forests and mountains of the world.

The Gaia GPS team includes more than a dozen people, with 2 in Canada, 1 in Brazil, and the rest across many US states. We do a lot of Slack and Hangout.

Current Openings

No current openings

Future Openings

We're always looking for great talent. You can send us an application for these postitions if you'd like to be considered for future openings.

Applying to Gaia GPS

  • Send your application to the email listed for the job listing.
  • Your cover letter should be brief, and say what best qualifies you for the company and job.
  • We favor applicants who use Gaia GPS or similar GPS software (for all positions).
  • We favor applicants who have interest in outdoor activities, maps, and software.