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Sep 24, 2016
Trail in good shape. Well brushed out on switchbacks to ridgeline.
Dec 30, 2015
Aug 06, 2016
Jul 30, 2016
The main focus of this patrol was to familiarize myself with the Jordan River Parkway trail. I biked from the Salt Lake section by the Trax drop off, to Murray I-215. In these 16 miles, I documented areas of concern, unique features, beautiful wildlife, a few trash pick-ups, a few trail user interactions, and some other observations. After today, I have a better understanding of how the trail works, where it goes, what kinds of people use it and how they use it, my comfort on different areas of the trail, and how the trail changes as it moves across the Salt Lake City humanscape. My quote is "You never know what you'll find on the Jordan River Parkway!" That list includes, but is not limited to: -a wild peacock -2 wild cats -1 questionable magazine page -hundreds of beautiful birds -inspiring graffiti I enjoyed my first patrol on the JRP! (Because I stayed on my bike mostly, I did not pick up a significant amount of trash or dog poop. But now I better know what areas I should be going to to do that in the future!)