13 Loop via Diamond Lake Loop

based on 5 tracks & routes
10.9 mi
6 hrs 17 min
164 ft
Elev Gain


This is a moderate loop trail to 13 in Umpqua National Forest.

This trail goes by A04, A03, A02, Teal Lake, A18, A16, A15, A14, A13, A12, A11, A10, A09, A08, A07, A06, A05, Thielsen View Campground, A01, 01, 02, 20, 03, 04, 19, 05, 06, 18, 07, 08, 17, 11, 09, 10, 16, 12, 15, 14, Diamond Lake Resort, A041, A040, A038, A039, A037, A036, A034, A033, A032, A031, A030, F007, A029, A028, F006, A035, A027, F004, A026, A025, F005, A024, F003, A023, F002, A022, D008, D007, A021, D006, A019, F001, A018, D005, D003, D002, D001, A017, D004, E001, E004, E002, E003, E006, E005, A016, E007, A015, E009, E008, E010, A013, B008, A014, B010, B007, B009, A011, A012, B006, A010, B004, A009, B005, C006, C005, A007, A008, A006, B003, C003, A005, A004, C002, B002, C001, C004, A003, C007, A002, C011, A001, B001, Registration, Checkin, H001, K001, H002, K002, H004, K004, H006, G001, K003, H007, K005, H009, G002, H008, H010, G003, H011, K006, K007, H012, H013, K008, H015, G004, H014, K009, K011, H017, K010, H016, G005, H018, G006, K012, H019, Diamond Lake Campground, K015, K013, G007, K014, K017, G008, K016, K019, K018, G009, K020, K021, K022, K024, K023, K026, K025, G010, K027, K028, G011, K029, H020, G012, H021, K030, G013, K032, H022, H024, K031, H023, H025, K033, H026, G014, H027, K034, H028, K036, K035, H029, H030, H031, G015, K037, H032, H035, H036, H037, H039, H040, H041, L009, H042, L008, L007, H044, L006, H043, L005, H045, L004, H046, L002, L003, H047, M001, M002, M003, M004, M006, M005, H048, M007, G017, M009, M008, G016, M010, G018, M011, M012, G019, G020, M014, M013, G021, M016, M018, G022, M015, M017, G024, G023, G025, G027, G026, G028, G031, G029, G030, G032, G034, G033, G035, G036, G038, G037, G039, G040, and South Shore Hiker/Biker Camp.

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