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Gaia GPS includes several Canada map sources, a catalog of Canada hiking trails, as well as global satellite and topo maps for all over the world.

Backroad Mapbooks Canada

This source provides dynamic scale topographic base maps for all areas of Canada

Canada Topo

Official National Resources Canada (NRCan) topographic raster maps for Canada

Canada Topo West

Official National Resources Canada (NRCan) raster topographic raster maps for western Canada

World Imagery

Detailed, worldwide satellite imagery from ESRI

OpenCycleMap HD

World-wide map for cyclists using OpenStreetMap Data

Gaia Topo (meters)

A worldwide topo map based on OpenStreetMap, styled like USGS topo maps

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Search for trails, parks, addresses, and other places in Canada with Gaia GPS Hike Search, newly released in summer 2018.

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