Best Hikes in Zion National Park


Zion is an iconic National Park in Utah, known for sweeping views of domed mountains, and its death-defying hike to Angel's Landing.

Getting Started

You stop at an entry kiosk to enter the park and pay a fee, or show your pass. You can buy a 7-day pass inexpensively,, though most visitors don't spend 7 days in the park.

For the main attractions, either pay to park outside the park in Springdale, or take your chances trying to park at a few different places in the park.

When to Go

Shuttles run April through October. Typical visitors to Zion will park in or near the park, and ride the shuttles to do day hikes and see iconic sites.

If you don't mind brusque weather, you can avoid the crowds in the off-season, and get easier parking for a personal car.


Backpacking and canyoneering require permits, including for popular routes therough the Narrows. You can reserve and get info for lotteries for these permits.

You can also reserve campsites in the park.

Dog Info

Dogs are only allowed on the Pa'rus Trail in Zion. See for more info.


Seasonal Popularity