Erwin's View Trail

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This is a easy out and back trail to Erwin's View in the Linville Falls Gorge. This trail will be about a 2 mile walk from the Linville Visitor Center, if you hit each of the overviews. This specific track starts from the Linville gravel parking lot. The more desired parking location is the Linville Falls Visitor Center paved lot. The track from the paved lot is Erwin's View

The first view is called the Upper Falls View, the Second is called the Chimney View and the last is called Erwin's View. This trail is heavily trafficked trail due to the easy access and minor difficulty of the trail. There is a very good map located at Linville Gorge Hiking Trails

Upper Falls View

This is a view of the top of the famous Linville gorge falls. You can see where the water rushes into the canyon and rushes down into the plunge basin.

Chimney View

Chimney view is an excellent close view of the water coming out of the gorge into the plunge basin.

Erwin's View

Erwin's View is 2 different overlooks, one is the waterfall overlook, and the other is the official Erwin's View overlook. From Erwin's View, you can take a look down river into the gorge, or get a far off view of the falls. The Waterfall view, offers excellent views of the falls and plunge basin. You can also see the upper falls view from this vantage point as well.

This trail goes by Upper Linville Falls, Linville Falls, Linville Lower Falls, and Chimney View.

Getting Started

From the gravel lot you will continue on the trail and come to a split in the trail. It resembles a "Y", so just stay to the right to continue up the trail. If you turn a sharp left at the "Y" you would go to the Visitor's Center Paved parking area. The trail is wide and the inclines are pretty easy to manage. The trail is a short walk to each of the overviews. Each overview will require you to do its own little down and back to the overview location and back to the main trail. Check out my Erwin's View track.

Taking Children

Children will be good on this trail. Keep a close eye on them at each of the overview locations. There is a very long fall if they go over the side of about any of them.

This is an alternate route for Linville Lower Falls Loop via Linville Falls Trail.

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    Excellent view from each of the overlooks. Be sure that you hit both overlooks at the end at Erwin's View. There were many people on this hike on a wonderful November morning. Dog and kid friendly.
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