Yellowstone Art & Photography Center

based on 9 tracks & routes #17 hike out of 302 in
2.9 mi
1 hrs 44 min
69 ft
Elev Gain


This is a moderate one way trail to Yellowstone Art & Photography Center in Yellowstone National Park.

This trail goes by Tortoise Shell Spring, Crested Pool, Shield Spring, South Orange Springs, Inkwell Spring, Grotto Fountain, Spa Geyser, Marathon Pool, Riverside Geyser, Fan Geyser, Mortar Geyser, Spiteful Geyser, Norris Pool, Chain Lakes, Link Geyser, Bottomless Pit, Culvert Geyser, Square Spring, Grotto Geyser, Rocket Geyser, Grotto Fountain Geyser, Bijou Geyser, Catfish Geyser, Mastiff Geyser, Giant Geyser, Oblong Geyser, Lavender Pool, Milk Cauldron, Beauty Pool, Crack Geyser, Wave Spring, East Economic Geyser, Economic Geyser, Vent Geyser, West Triplet Geyser;North Triplet Geyser (historical), Percolator Geyser, East Triplet Geyser, Turban Geyser, Grand Geyser, Rift Geyser, Bulger Geyser, Belgian Pool, Old Tardy Geyser, Churn Geyser, Oval Spring, Scallopped Spring, Penta Geyser, Sawmill Geyser, Chimney Cone, South Scallopped Spring, Tardy Geyser, Twilight Spring, Spasmodic Geyser, Sprinkler Geyser, Liberty Pool, Spatter Geyser, UNNG-CGG-6, Rubber Pool, North Goggle Geyser, Beach Spring, Doublet Pool, Ear Spring, Aurum Geyser, Pendant Spring, Goggles Spring, Lion Geyser, Lioness Geyser, Little Cub Geyser, Big Cub Geyser, Heart Spring, Sponge Geyser, Pump Geyser, Arrowhead Spring, Depression Geyser, Scissors Springs, Copper Kettle, Beehive Geyser, Dragon Spring, Chinese Spring, Plume Geyser, Giantess Geyser, Vault Geyser, Teakettle Spring, Midget Geyser, Anemone Geyser, Little Anemone Geyser, Cascade Geyser, Surge Geyser, Little Squirt Geyser, Blue Star Spring, Silver Spring, Infant Geyser, Bronze Spring, Sulphide Spring, Dome Geyser, and Rock Spring.

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