Goose Creek Trail 612 to Shafthouse

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5.1 mi
2 hrs 44 min
681 ft
Elev Gain


This is a moderate one way trail in Lost Creek Wilderness Area. If you make it a round trip with stopping at the bunkhouses and the river below them the trip will be about 10.60 miles total.

Getting Started

This trail begins at the Goose Creek Trailhead. Not to be confused with the Goose Creek Campground. When you are driving the dirt roads in the area you will travel slower than one might expect. The road has a lot of washboard on it. The parking lot gets full in this area as it is a popular trailhead that services a couple of trails. Rangers like to frequent this area and enforce the rules of LNT and the posted camping and dog regulations. At the trailhead, you will need to sign in and confirm that you will abide by the regulations of the area. There are several elevation changes along this route, most are moderate and are easily managed. A majority of the trail appears to be an old road to the Shafthouse site which is at the end of the trail. The trail is wide in most areas and easy to navigate. After walking about four miles you will come to an intersection in the trail. If you turn downhill you will go a short distance to the old bunkhouses of the Antero and Lost Park Reservoir companies. These bunkhouses have been explored by many and this area is where a lot of people congregate so be prepared for company. If you travel the trail behind the bunkhouses you will end up at the Shafthouse location.

For those that are looking to camp you will need to pay close attention to the regulations as several camp sites you will see are not compliant with the regulations.

Taking Children

Most children that are able to function on their own should be able to manage this trail. The limiting factor will be endurance and previous exposure to longer distance hiking. Rating this trail a 6 for children.

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