Teewinot Mountain

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2.8 mi
40 min
5,338 ft
Elev Gain


This is a difficult one way trail to Teewinot Mountain in Grand Teton National Park.

This is not a hike; it's a 3rd-class scramble with sections steep and exposed enough that some parties will want to be roped in some conditions. The trail is an unmaintained climbers' trail and will be intermittent. There may be significant sections of snow, some of which will be moderately steep and exposed, requiring an ice axe and knowledge of its use.

If you're not a world-class athlete, this will take you much longer than the 40 minutes stated in the stats.

Getting Started

Go early. Get off the peak by early afternoon. Teewinot is a high Teton peak and afternoon thunderstorms are deadly.

Taking Children

Take children if they're fit, experienced at climbing, and you consider yourself qualified as a guide.

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    2 years, 5 months ago
    I climbed this with a friend many years ago, and it still stands as one of the most enjoyable days I've spent in the mountains. I've hiked almost every trail in the Park, and climbed quite a few of the classic alpine routes in the range, and I still especially love Teewinot. It's got everything you might want to pack into a half day in the mountains, minus serious technical difficulty. There's a nice hike, a lot of easy and madly fun scrambling, some exhilarating exposure, enough snow to make you feel like you're really in the mountains, just a bit of route-finding, and then what's possibly the most breathtaking summit in the whole range. The summit is about the size of a horse saddle, and you pretty much have to straddle it. You'll have cliffs dropping away on two sides, cavernous granitic ravines, the east ridge of Owen and the north face of the Grand looming over you, almost close enough to lick. you'll see way into Idaho, up and down the Teton ridge, the whole of Jackson hole, Yellowstone, and all the Wyoming ranges to the west and south. It's a much cooler view (I think) than from the Grand, because on the Grand you can't SEE the Grand. When we did it there were wisps of whipped-cream-like clouds pouring off the peaks and gathering below us making 12,000 feet look like 20,000. It was truly magical. This is either a hard hike or a super easy Teton climb. Depends on your frame of reference. Just don't be too casual. It's a minor route but there are plenty of opportunities to slip on wet rock, tumble down a snowfield, get trapped in a squall, or barbecued by lightning. Take all the usual precautions, and go early and fast. Bring an ice axe. And a camera.
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