About Gaia GPS

At Gaia GPS, nature meets tech meets art. We are curious thinkers, tenacious builders, and restless wanderers. The company is 100% remote and distributed across 16 US States.


In 2008, Anna and Andrew Johnson started a side project to build an outdoor search site called trailbehind.com. By fall 2009, they had formed a company and launched Gaia GPS. The team has grown to 30 people and remained independent and boot-strapped.

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Meet the Team

How we get outside:


Andrew Johnson

CEO • Director

Anna Hentzel Johnson

CTO • Director

Jesse Crocker

Engineering Manager • Director

Ashli Baldwin

Operations Manager

Nate Copeland

GIS Engineer

Robyn Martin

Software Engineer

Chris Hill

Customer Support Manager

Andy Crampton

Software Engineer

Erik Baily

Software Engineer

Austin Hess

Software Engineer

John Czaplewski

Software Engineer

Torrey Hogan

Software Engineer

Jeremy Lehman

Software Engineer

Lee France


Laura Friedland

Marketing Specialist

Matt Palmer

Senior Product Designer

Jay Crooker

Customer Support Specialist

Melanie Wilson

Customer Support Specialist

Adam Tootle

Software Engineer

Jim Margolis

Customer Support Specialist

Mary Cochenour

Content Manager

Tom Kletzker

Office Manager

Courtney Fiala

Software Engineer

Sasha Heinen

Software Engineer

Jonathan Cohn

Digital Marketing Specialist

Andrew Williams

Customer Support Specialist

Ryan McElroy

Customer Support Specialist

Nick Botner

Senior Product Designer

Tony Cannistra

Software Engineer

Evelyn Cordner

Software Engineer

Thank You

The company is grateful for the advice, work, and/or investments from our advisors and other shareholders, including George Grellas, Charles Johnson, Russell Rice, Zachary Brown, Dan Silberman, Kevin Lacker, Abhishek Nath, Steve Schmitt, Savannah Henderson, Timothy Bowen, Kim Rullo, Joshua Braegger, and Jason Abbott.