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Map Gallery

Gaia GPS includes several map sources specifically for Canada, as well as global satellite and topo maps for all over the world.

Backroad Mapbooks Canada

This source provides dynamic scale topographic base maps for all areas of Canada. The map includes road networks for all major highways/freeways, arterial, collector and residential roads. It also includes industry and resource backroads and winter access. In addition to roads, the maps include elevation contours with hillshading, land and water features and other land uses such as Parks, Conservation/Wilderness Areas, Recreation Areas, Crown Land/Public Land Use Zones, First Nations Reserves, Department of National Defense Lands and more.

Canada Topo West

Official National Resources Canada (NRCan) raster topographic raster maps for western Canada.

Canada Topo

Official National Resources Canada (NRCan) topographic raster maps for Canada.

Find a Hike in Canada

Search for trails, parks, addresses, and other places in Canada with Gaia GPS Hike Search, newly released in summer 2018.

Backroads Mapbooks

Navigate across Canada from coast to coast using the Backroad Mapbooks industry leading topographic maps. These maps feature topographic relief, contours and hill shading for all provinces and territories of Canada. Whether you’re interested in hunting, fishing, hiking or off roading, these maps will help you plan your trip in and out of Canada’s backcountry.

Use basic Gaia GPS for free.
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