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Blocker Creek Casc


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Blocker Creek Cascade is located in the Ouchita National Forest near Jessieville, AR.

The parking location is searchable through google, and google maps will take you to it without a problem. Once you leave HWY 7 however, it is forestry road for many miles. Brushy Mountain Rd, and then Blue Mountain Road are definitely rough in places. Most 2WD vehicles could do this if it's not too muddy at the time, and also have decent enough clearance.

The trail head for this hike begins at the intersection of Blue Mountain Road and the Ouchita Trail. Most of this hike is an easy half mile or so along this section of the Ouchita Trail, which looks to be an old jeep or forestry road. It is a bushwhack to the creek to see the falls though. This waterfall is listed in Tim Ernst's waterfall book, and he indicates that this is an "easy" hike. I'd add moderate plus to it from where you bushwhack from the trail and to the falls (and back). That part can be a steep climb and over a combination of loose rocks, thickets and muddy areas in you are hiking after recent rain.