Alder Creek Grove Sequoia Mortality Map Post SQF Complex / Castle Fire Completed in April 2021 Black point: dead sequoia >6ft DBH 200 Gray point: heavily damaged sequoia (lost top / nearly full brown needles / unsure if living or not) 49 Green point: living sequoia (moderately damaged / lightly damaged / unchanged) 278 NOTES: Measurements are estimated. Hundreds of smaller dead sequoias are not included. Sequoias continue to die post-fire. Points may not be updated to reflect these losses. Moderate or light sequoia damage was not recorded. Photos prior to the fire are often included (some before and after shots also included). Two smaller sequoias were added due to the importance of their locations. One is a living but heat scorched sequoia to the far west (closest to the outlier). One is at the south end with nearly all brown needles.