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Recorded on iPhone 8 Plus with Gaia GPS for iOS

Mt Wilson


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Absolutely gorgeous hike! The summit is a bit anti-climatic as you summit at a parking lot; however, there is a cafe there. I fueled up with a coffee, hikers special with a banana, and a jumbo do.

Arrive at Mount Wilson Park at 0635 and was able to get a close parking spot in the residential area. The trail is very well maintained, and it is strenuous. Hike is very sustained from the start to the summit.

I brought 4 liters of water with me on the hike and consumed 2 (I consumed 1 liter before hiking). Feet were a bit sore as I was finishing the descent. There was an occasional hiker here and there, but it seems as most took the trail from Chantry Flats as thats where I ran into the most hikers. Not many people at the summit.

When you summit at the parking lot, if you walk straight ahead to the last right by the fence and look down you'll see the circular geological marker for Mt Wilson.

Great hike, beautiful scenery, and sustained from start to summit.