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S2-ERT (Lincoln to Corona)

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105.5 mi
Moving Time
  • -
    Total Time
  • -
    Stopped Time
  • 0 mph
    Moving Speed
  • 0 mph
    Avg Speed
  • 7,355 ft
  • 6,314 ft
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Enchanted Rockies Trail GPS Data – Lincoln to Corona (NM)
This is the second installment of GPS data for the ERT and shows our travels (minus some back-tracking) from PART I of our YouTube series.

This section begins at Baca Campground in Lincoln National Forest and heads north, wrapping up at a remote camp site just past Red Cloud Campground in Cibola National Forest.

The first half of this section is fairly rough and rocky which will slow progress to a crawl, followed by graded gravel/dirt roads along the second half.

Trail Section Travel Data

Total Length: 105.5 Miles
Actual Trails: 75.3 Miles
Paved Sections: 30.2 Miles

Estimated Travel Time: 7.5 Hours

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate (Pending weather as prolonged rain can create muddy and flooded conditions.)
Trail Type: Small & Medium Rock, Dirt, Some Gravel

Nearest fuel from starting point: Hondo, NM or Capitan, NM
Nearest fuel to end point: Corona, NM
(Note: This is the wild west, confirm fuel stops before your journey!)