This is our NWA Map of the month for April! This is a special trail because it is where our NWA chapter leader, Carly Gurel, first learned about the wonderful world of Morel hunting (and nabbed her first shrooms!) Park in the field at the bottom of the hill, if your car has any trouble with the dirt road you can also park at the top and follow the road down to the field. The trail starts through the field at the far end of the clearing. The Falls really only flow during or after a big rain! See if you can be lucky enough to spot the water shooting straight out of the "Tea Spout" (46 Ft fall with an eroded hole in the bluff so water shoots straight out!) The trail can be hard to find, making it a good hike (or bushwhack!) for foraging. Less visited = more chance of hitting foraging gold! This is an out and back trail, about 2 miles round trip. On a warm summer day you can also wear your sandals and follow the creek bed! This is in the McElroy game Management area and near the Kings River, explore more while you are out this way, there is a lot to see! (The Kings River Overlook is a highlight)
1.0 mi
84 ft