The Bike and Hike tour combines the Flydal eBike tour with a 1 hour hike up to an impressive waterfall you can walk behind. The tour starts at the harbour and follows a steady climb winding through Geiranger and up to Flydals Canyon, one of the most famous viewpoints and geological features in the fjord. There are plenty of opportunities to pause and take in the ever changing view as you make your way up to 300m above the fjord. On the return journey, you can branch off and take the short gravel road up to the farm at VesterĂ¥s. This is where you can park your bike and begin the 45-60min hike up to Storstrefossen, an impressive overhanging rock that glacial waters cascade over. There is a safe pathway that leads down behind the waterfall so you can feel the raw natrual power of the thundering falls. Afterwards you can enjoy the quiet of the descending pathway that has been constructed by Nepalese sherpas - a stone staircase that will lead you back to your eBike. From VesterĂ¥s, glide back down the road into town and the harbour.
3.8 mi
2,536 ft