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S4-ERT (Pecos to Angel Fire)


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140.0 mi
Moving Time
  • -
    Total Time
  • -
    Stopped Time
  • 0 mph
    Moving Speed
  • 0 mph
    Avg Speed
  • 16,304 ft
  • 14,294 ft
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Enchanted Rockies Trail GPS Data – Pecos to Angel Fire (NM)
This is the fourth segment of GPS data for the ERT and includes routing from Santa Fe National Forest (near Pecos, NM) to Carson National Forest (near Angel Fire, NM).

This section of trail consists of mostly “hard-road” travel but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s a boring ride! This route takes you through the heart of Santa Fe, the oldest state capital in the United States. You might want to plan a few hours to walk the downtown Plaza and explore of the historical buildings before sampling some of the incredible local cuisine. This city is well worth exploring!

Once you’ve had your fill of civilization, head north out of town and get ready for some incredible views as you enter Carson National Forest. Take a left after passing Tres Ritos and air-down for a beautiful, rocky ascent to 11,078 feet to one of our favorite camp sites along this trail.

Trail Section Travel Data

Total Length: 140 Miles
Actual Trails: 45.9 Miles
Paved Sections: 94.1 Miles

Estimated Travel Time: 6-7 Hours

Difficulty: Easy (Pending weather as prolonged rain can create muddy and flooded conditions.)
Special Notes: The GPS route for this track may deveate slightly from the actual road location within the souther portion as forest fires have moved the trail slightly.
Trail Type: Small Rock, Dirt, Gravel

Nearest fuel from starting point: Pecos, NM
Nearest fuel to end point: Angel Fire, NM
(Note: This is the wild west, confirm fuel stops before your journey!)