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climb South Sister

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13.5 mi
6 hrs 45 min
Moving Time
40:47 min/mi
  • 9 hrs 12 min
    Total Time
  • 2 hrs 26 min
    Stopped Time
  • 2.0 mph
    Moving Speed
  • 1.5 mph
    Avg Speed
  • 4,858 ft
  • 4,881 ft
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If you like to beta test new version, send an email to support@gaiagps.com, and they can add you as a beta tester. We should have a new beta in a month or so, just did one today.

Yep, I noticed the 'current elevation' is off, also. However, having been involved in emerging technologies for 30+ years, I am absolutely, totally stoked on this App and know you and your team are constantly working to improve the features. I'm growing with the features each time I use it.
On this last trip it was fun to instantly change 'maps' and explain to my buddies the value that each map brings to the table, depending on the situation. I also explained how one can download areas ahead of time when the GPS signal isn't able to refresh as quickly as one would desire.
That being said, I'm fascinated with these tools and if you ever desire anything to be tested with knowledgable feedback, just let me know. Happy to assist in any way possible. I can also be reached at barryjahn@gmail.com or barryhikes.com for some of my treks.

Also the CSS on these comments need work :)

Glad you like it!

We do have a few thoughts on what we could do to estimate distance from GPS better. Part of it is error, but I also think we're overestimating generally with our algorithms. Also, the code diverges between iOS/web/Android for how stats are calculated, further confusing things. I don't have a specific ETA, but this will get some attention.

We recently added a new elevation service to better calculate ascent/altitude for routes and tracks, and we're also likely to integrate the pedometer and barometer on iPhone6 and 6+ eventually.

Andrew --- just noticed who you are. Surprised to get feedback from the GAIAgps founder. I have to say --- this App ROCKS to the max. I've basically discarded my Garmin 450. I'm planning all my summer hikes ahead (downloading maps, setting waypoints, etc.). I've shared my love for this App with all my hiking buddies and they're amazed at what it's capable of doing. I'm running in Airplane mode on an iPhone6, so the display is huge.
One comment --- the accuracy of the total distance is periodically off by quite a bit. My S. Sister trek was 13 miles (give or take .25 miles), yet the GaiaGPS showed it as 15 miles. Do you have some thoughts on this?

Andrew --- it's all relative. Last year I summited in 2 hr 30 minutes, and descended in 90 minutes. This was definitely a very relaxing pace and thoroughly enjoyed the company!

Pretty good speed on that summit I'd say.