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Day 04 Texas Hill Country 4/19/16 9:03:00 AM

270.1 mi 

It's interesting the things you learn about how others approach a situation. I know this may 'shock' some folks...but I like to plan. I plan in such detail that all I need is a Plan A. I start early so if things need to be changed it is NOT a Plan's a new plan A.

When it comes to the actual execution of Plan A this is when I kick into the 'Go with the flow' mode.

Richard on the other hand chooses the 'Go with the flow' mentality right up to the very moment. This is when he decides to put in a route in an antiquated GPS system, hop on the bike and, as we learned yesterday, "Come hell or high water" he is going to follow THE PLAN (or GPS in this case). Of course when there are snap judgements to be made he can't make them due to being preoccupied (keep GW upright and stuff like that).

SO it then falls on me to get out my tiny NON Rand McNally Google maps on my phone (thank goodness it is the new WATERPROOF L7) and navigate...except that GPS still lures him like a Siren to crash into the rocks!

We had a great conversation, last night, about how to NOT duplicate these approaches any more and what it would look like for each of us to 'Love and Respect' one another through the 'intense' parts of this awesome adventure!

This morning, TOGETHER, we looked at the map...wrote a route...put it in the GPS...and off we went!

It was a spectacular day! FYI...Texas is NOT flat! Texas Hill Country is some of the most rugged, beautiful countryside we've ever seen!

The ranches, the open cattle grazing where you can come around a corner and find bovine standing smack dab in the middle of the road (fortunately they kept to the side lines), the rivers and trees, the rocks, the wildflowers all along, the wild life..long horn sheep, Gazelle, Antelope, deer, Buffalo, Texas long horns and finally RAJ almost hit a Peacock strutting in the middle of the road! Spectacular!

We left all our 'stuff' at the hotel so the weight difference was way better when RAJ had to turn around or back up for a photo op! But he DID get to drag a foot peg around a there wasn't any complaining!

One simply cannot capture the beauty of this place called Texas Hill Country! Who would have thought!