TomekWilk created a new route, Ptarmigan Traverse - 20.2 mi 
June 24, 2019

Ptarmigan Traverse

20.2 mi 
TomekWilk created a new track, Mt Roosevelt - 11.9 mi 
June 15, 2019

Mt Roosevelt

11.9 mi 
TomekWilk created a new track, Beckler Peak (5/27/19, 9:02:34AM) - 7.7 mi 
May 27, 2019

Beckler Peak (5/27/19, 9:02:34AM)

7.7 mi 

Hike a re-built trail adjacent to the Wild Sky Wilderness. The Beckler Peak trail opened in September of 2011, and with it, the Jennifer Dunn trailhead. The trail takes you through an old-growth forest to summit views of Glacier Peak, Baring, Index, the Monte Cristo Range, and Evergreen Mountain. It's easy to get to and provides great rewards for your effort. The trail has a gentle grade, it is well built, and suitable for kids. Be sure to take water with you, because there is no reliable water along the trail.

The first 0.8 miles of the trail is on a decommissioned logging road featuring a moderate grade. WTA worked here to turning the road into a trail that contours the slope, but it will take the vegetation some time to recover. The road-turned-trail pops out at an old logging landing that offers nice, open views. From here on, you're on honest-to-goodness trail as it dives into old-growth forest. Silver fir, Douglas-fir, mountain hemlock, western red cedar, Alaskan yellow cedar and near the top, noble fir.

Several switchbacks take you higher and higher. Reach a pretty, open ridge, full of alpine blueberry shrubs. You then enter rocky outcroppings of brilliant, sparkling white granite. Nice rock steps guide you up further.

Soon you're on the summit. Nowhere in this area can you get views like this as easily as you've made it here. Washington's newest wilderness area--the Wild Sky--is laid out in front of you, and above it, views for miles!

Glacier Peak, Evergreen Mountain and the Monte Cristo range are to the north and Mounts Baring and Index to the west. Mounts Daniel and Hinman with their broad glaciers as well as the striking Summit Chief, Chimney Rock and other jagged peaks are proudly displayed.