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Get the best outdoor adventure maps including worldwide topographical maps, National Geographic Trails Illustrated maps, and satellite imagery. Build a comprehensive trip plan with weather and terrain overlays. Find the best maps for hiking, backpacking, offroading, overlanding, backcountry skiing, hunting, fishing, camping, biking, sightseeing, and more.

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No service? No problem. With a Gaia GPS Premium Membership, you can download maps to your mobile device and take them with you into the backcountry. Navigate anywhere in the world, even without cell service. Download any map from Gaia GPS’s map catalog so you’ll always have a map with you on your adventures.

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Print any map from Gaia GPS and take it with you on the trail. Phones can break, get lost, or simply run out of battery. It’s always wise to take a paper map with you as a backup to your phone. With a Gaia GPS Premium Membership, you can print any map from our extensive catalog. Explore the backcountry with confidence, knowing that you have a backup paper map with you.

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Leave cell service behind and navigate your route with powerful GPS features right on your phone. Record your distance, total ascent, and speed. View your location so you always know where you are on the map. Drop waypoints to mark trailheads, trail junctions, water sources, favorite campsites, and viewpoints. Gaia GPS is the all-in-one navigation app for backcountry travel.

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