An overlay mapping the current concentration of near-surface smoke in the atmosphere, derived from the NOAA High Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) and BlueSky Canada weather models. This layer represents the current amount of smoke estimated to be present at surface level, including smoke generated by nearby wildfires and smoke that is transported through the atmosphere from distant wildfires. Use it to predict and avoid poor air quality during your outdoor adventures. This overlay is updated hourly. Since the refresh process requires a data connection, this map isn't available for offline downloads. However, viewing the forecast over an area in a map will cache that data, leaving it available to view in the app for 24 hours.


This is a model-derived forecast layer, which carries the same level of forecast uncertainty as other weather predictions. In addition, very recent or small wildfires may not be included in the smoke prediction, which can cause the overlay to under-estimate the amount of surface smoke present. Use of this map layer for any purpose is at your own risk, and Trailbehind Inc (maker of Gaia GPS) is not responsible for any actions you take based on the information contained in any map.


© Gaia GPS, NOAA, BlueSky Canada

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