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    7 months, 3 weeks ago
    Visited 4/15/19, hiked 7.9 miles. Liked the landscape, just didn't like the north entrance. Wouldn't recommend using the North trailhead if you want to got down to the lower parts of ancient lakes. You have to traverse down slick rock and a boulder field to get to the easier trails. Park at burke lake if you are looking for something more moderate. Burke lake also has a vaulted toilet and lots of camping spots.
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    8 months, 1 week ago
    Backpacked in to Ancient Lakes and set up camp between the lakes and by the waterfall. Stars were out, coyotes were howling, frogs were croaking, the fish were jumping and wildflowers are starting to make an appearance. Next morning we hiked over towards waterfall but did not traverse the rocks to get to it since we had to dogs. Then we headed on the trail to Dusty Lake. We came out up above Dusty with spectacular views and there were people on the lake in various flotation devices. After a brief stop we headed back towards TH taking another trail down with lots of scree, trekking poles were very helpful. Great hike with lots of connecting trails and we were able to get in a lot of miles in two days and still not see everything. Sage brush was taller than I in some places.
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    5 months ago