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    5 years, 8 months ago
    ​I hiked this most recently on a clear September morning, heading down on the North Ridge and Whittemore Gulch Trails. There are some nice views looking out towards the ocean along the way, on this day there was fog covering the water. The temperature dropped as we descended to Purisima Creek and the number of redwood trees increased. It's kind of fun to go from looking down on the trees to having to look up at them! The walk along the creek is very nice, starting to gain elevation, but more gradually than the descent. The climb back to Skyline is along the Craig Britton and Harkins Ridge Trails. There are a few more views of the ocean as you climb, this time we could see the water since the fog had burned off. As long as you're OK walking ten and a half mile walk, it's not a particularly difficult route, most of the climb back up was pretty gentle.
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    5 years ago
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