Best Hiking Trails in Henry W. Coe State Park


Henry Coe is a huge and underutilized park, especially considering its proximity to the Bay Area. Encompassing a variety of habitats, from dry grassy hills to forested slopes at its higher, cooler elevations. This variety of terrain means you'll see lots of wildlife and flowers. At nearly 90,000 acres you'd be hard-pressed to camp at all the great spots or backpack all the trails in Henry Coe.

Hiking trails range from easy day hikes to strenuous multi-day backpacking routes, and while you may see mountain bikers or the occasional horseback rider close to trailheads, the further you get into the backcountry, the more solitude you'll find.

Red-barked manzanita trees and shrubs are common in Henry Coe, cutting through swaths of tall grasses, and tree varieties include blue oaks (especially common in the eastern half of the park) and a number of different pines.

When to Go

Go during the sweet spot of the early summer to avoid the worst heat and see the fields of wildflowers at the peak of their bloom.


Backpacking camp sites are assigned; sign up for spots at the Ranger Station before you go. There is also one car-camping and RV area, where spots can be reserved up to six months in advance.

Seasonal Popularity