Best Hiking Trails in Cypress Provincial Park


Cypress Provincial Park is a provincial park in British Columbia that includes a ski resort and hiking and snowshoeing trails in all directions. The privately-owned resort within this park is called Cypress Mountain (although there is no mountain by that name in the park), and was one of the host resorts of the 2010 Winter Olympics. The Cypress Mountain ski chalet marks the southern extent of the Howe Sound Crest Trail.

Getting Started

Park at the top of Cypress and follow signage or track data to scenic views, historical sites, or multi-day trips. There is information posted in the parking area, and there are public washrooms and drinking water.

When to Go

Cypress is popular year-round, but busiest in the winter season while the resort is operational. Trail conditions vary but are generally clear from July through October. In the summer time, parking is effortless.


Hikes do not require permits, but the resort within the park sells and requires permits for winter sports.

Dog Info

Note that the park has a large number of black bears, including in and around the parking and ski resort area, so use common sense and be alert at all times.

Seasonal Popularity