Half Dome

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3.4 mi
1 hrs 21 min
2,502 ft
Elev Gain


This is a moderate one way trail to Half Dome in Yosemite National Park.

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    2 years, 2 months ago
    (based on my SUMMERTIME hike in 2019) Great hike if you stay overnight at the Little Yosemite camp. You MUST be conditioned for a very steep and rocky trail going UP, and UP, and UP. Passing the Mist trail part probably is not as difficult as getting up to the Saddle at the Half Dome, which is the smaller mountain before the cables begin. The steps there are very steep and nearly vertical, some are over 13 inch high. Take the hiking poles! Behind the camp, there is one majestic beach. Get a nice, refreshing dip in before you head back to the valley. Bears are more frequent around the camp area. There are bathrooms there. No water. Make sure to bring the water filter with you. I tested the quantity of 7 liters with me, and I did RUN OUT on the way back. This includes one meal cooking water usage. Mini filter is a MUST. Cables part is NOT difficult at all. There is no rush, and you can easily let the faster person pass you as you are taking a break. Mostly, you help and pull yourself up with your hands. Some are using the harness, but it is just a waste of time. Cables will take no more than 30 minutes. You can use hiking shoes or regular sneakers! There is no need for super shoes. Tracktion is a plus. I DO NOT RECOMMEND taking the Upper Yosemite Falls trail hike (starts at Camp 4) before going on Half Dome hike. I would consider it the most difficult one. It is super hot, a lot of open sun areas, very steep with rocky with sand switchbacks (zig-zagging). But the view is rewarding up there! Going back is probably more difficult and you may get blisters, blue toenails, twisted ankles, and hurting bones. It could get painful. I am a runner and a cyclist. Take my advice, take the Half Dome hike, first if it is your main hike. Finally, shoes are your most important equipment. Consider half a size larger than your standard size. Go to your local camp store, try them on. Descending usually is difficult and painful. It is all good until the first twisted ankle, first blister, or damaged toes. Then, the fun is gone and you must deal with the pain with your every step.
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trickink 2 years, 2 months ago
Little Yosemite Valley to Half Dome and return
Definition Epic. Bring Day pack with 4 quarts water next time. 3 not quite enough. Bring grippy gloves. Leave early - 7:00 am was good. 🌞
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