High Shoals Falls Loop

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1.7 mi
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354 ft
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is is the most popular trail in the park. The entire high shoals loop trail is listed as 2.7 miles, but this track shows only the out and back to the falls. The High Shoals Falls is an 80 foot waterfall about halfway up the mountain, and marks about the halfway point of the loop trail There are many places along the river to stop and explore the water on the way to the falls. In the spring, you can find flowers blooming. The river offers a refreshing respite from the heat in summer. Fall gives way to impressive colors. If you are lucky enough to hit the park during a very cold winter the falls and river can completely freeze over.

This high shoals loop trail will require you to climb many stairs, cross bridges and climb around on many rocks. It starts out as a moderate trail and becomes strenuous. Many people do not take the entire loop, but only hike out to the falls, then turn around and go back the way they came.

There is a small pass through under the rocks before you get to the falls along your right just after you cross the large bridge over the river. It’s off the trail, but easy enough to notice if you look.

Most dogs will have a great time here, but the very young or elderly may encounter problems climbing steps.

This trail follows the Jacob Fork Overlook.

Getting Started

When you enter the park be sure you drive all the way to the end of the road to the largest parking lot. The trailhead to the high shoals loop trail is here. Take the hemlock trail that goes along the river to get to the high shoals falls trail. This is a better alternative trail than going by the upper trail that passes the public restrooms. Many people use this loop trail as an out and back to the falls and back. Skipping the entire second half of the trail. If the last parking lot is full, you can park in the family campground parking lot, which is the parking lot just before this last lot. There is a trail from the family parking lot to the high shoals loop trail you can take. It will add an extra half mile or so each way to your trip, but it's a great addition.

Check out this track to see the entire loop trail: High shoals loop track

Taking Children

Physically fit children can be successful at this trail. Proper foot ware is highly recommended.

Sights to See

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