Greentown Shortcut

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2.2 mi
57 min
869 ft
Elev Gain


This is a easy one way trail in Pisgah National Forest.

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    1 year, 1 month ago
    Hiked on 16 Aug 20. Had a great time on this hike with challenges. I think Kathryn's review has good points, but think it was her mood that put her off. I should say, this trail is rugged, parts a little overgrown (where's my machete?) but you can still see the trail with a little effort. 1. Spiders do make a lot of webs. I've been hiking more this summer than ever, usually a dry fall hiker. This was a Sunday and i think Saturday had lots of rain. With the trail somewhat overgrown all the leaves etc with water on them = you get wet. Also about 20 minutes in I grabbed a stick and held it in front of me to hit the cobwebs first. 2. Off and on the trail is narrow and very sloped. So this in addition to the rugged overgrown part, makes it slow going, you will be at a slower pace, About 2/3rd way a tree has fallen on the trail parallel, you have to cut up the mountain about 10 yards, then forward 10ish yards, then back down to the trail. Also about 3/4 way i got on a sidetrack - it looked like the trail but was either a trail to a cool rock area/pee spot. I half slid down on hands etc and popped back on the trail. Think on the way back i saw where i got off the path. 3. I didn't see any orange tags at all on trail. At end you cross a small section of water, i did not need water shoes, was able to rock hop. As soon as you cross an open are and fire pit are there. Go to the right about 20 yards, you'll see the falls sorta, there's trees branches vines in way, but you see it, and hear it. Go down to the water, then you have to work your way up rocks to it. I did not see any type of trail left or right of falls to get to it. I got there at maybe 4p on a sunday, left at 5p maybe. No one was there, and no one on trail. 4. On way back about halfway point there is a set of smaller falls/ really cool rock water area. I had to shimmy down, and slid about 5' almost to water. Was able to carefully walk around on rocks. Going back up had to use shrub branches to get up to a point for footing to get back to trail. 5. Probably only 10 minutes from parking theres a cool area to walk off trail to, just 100', makeshift camp area, cool spot. 6. I would recommend a single trek pole or walking stick. Since a good part of the hike is at an angle and rock hopping etc, i was glad i had the stick. I'm an avid hiker, used trek poles before. Normally don't. Like i say this hike have one, or a stick. (also for the spider webs)
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