Brandvold Falls via Elfin Lakes Trail

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11.3 mi
6 hrs 0 min
2,011 ft
Elev Gain


This is a difficult out and back trail in Garibaldi Provincial Park.

This trail goes by Brandvold Falls and Red Heather Shelter.

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e.skierszkan 2 years, 6 months ago
Elfin Hut Winter Route. (Winter) 2018: Marked in winter with orange plastic wands The ski trip into Elfin Shelter is probably the most frequent day trip in the Vancouver day trip area. The winter route is different than the summer route to avoid theoretical avalanche danger. The main difference is that the winter route goes along the crest of the ridge and on the south side of Round Mountain, whereas the road is on the north. The reason they do this is to avoid having to cross theoretical avalanche slopes on the north side of Round Mountain. I have never seen an avalanche on these slopes in 30 years, and in fact they are the destination for most yo-yo skiers. The winter route is marked by vertical plastic wands about 4 meters high that are stuck in the snow. There are also a few large orange reflective markers on trees. The winter route is more time consuming than the summer route because it goes higher, and does more up and down. So in early snow season (Oct-Nov) many people still use the quicker road route. But once the snow gets deep, the winter route is usually the only broken trail, and so is the most practical even if there was zero avalanche danger. The distance of the winter route one way is 10.1 km in winter.
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