Cliffside Loop via Grandfather Trail

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4.6 mi
2 hrs 5 min
702 ft
Elev Gain


This is a one-of-a-kind hike, featuring incredible views and unique ladder and cable-assisted sections of trail. Do not underestimate the challenges, which include exposed cliffside travel, tall ladder ascents, and slick and muddy conditions. Many sections require waiting for other hikers to complete, so it can take much longer than anticipated.

This trail requires sturdy hiking footwear with good traction, as well as food and water for an extended hike. This hike is not recommended for those uncomfortable with heights.

This trail goes by Raven Rocks, Attic Window, Indian House Cave, Calloway Gap, Watauga View, Calloway Peak, and Alpine Meadow.

Getting Started

Parking is at the Mile High Swinging Bridge. Admission is required (~$20/person at this time). There may be additional notices or restrictions, so check the website for info and to purchase tickets.

Taking Children

It is not recommended to take young children beyond the areas close by the trailhead. This is also not a hike for pets, and they can't safely navigate the ladders and other obstacles

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