Rocky Face via Hollow Rock Trail

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This is a moderate loop trail in Rocky Face Park or super strenuous, depending on the direction that you take. If you go in a clockwise direction, this trail will be moderate, going counter clockwise, this trail is very strenuous. What makes it very strenuous? You will climb a rock face that has a 20-30 degree incline that is about half a mile long. To make it more challenging, in the summertime, this portion of the trail is "the skillet" due to the heat reflecting off of the rock face. Either direction that you pick you will get to see awesome views at the top of the mountain. Also, and I cannot stress enough the importance of having proper footwear in this hike, due to the extreme incline that you will encounter on the rock face. It is an awesome hike in either direction.

This trail track is a few trails combined. It starts on the buzzard trail, then the hollow rock trail, followed by vertical challenge trail, ending with the grindstone trail. This system of trails is also what is called The Vertical Mile Challenge. There is a Trail Map that you can check out.

Getting Started

Park in the second recreational area at Rock Face Park. You will know that you are in the right place when you see the very large sheer rock wall, probably with lots of rock climbers hanging off of it. Park in the parking area, and look to the left side to the end of the wall. The trail heads are up the stairs on the far left. This will take you you in a clockwise direction. Follow the trail from Buzzard Loop, then take the Hollow Rock Trail. Along these trails, be care for some potential slick rocks and lots of roots on the trail. When you get to the intersection of the Hollow Rock trail and the Vertical Mile Challenge trail, it can sometimes be a little disorienting to look down the hill that in the direction of the trail. Here the trail is marked with traffic cones. Keep a sharp eye for them, sometimes they get knocked over and are a little hard to see. Check out my track for some pictures of the trail down the rock face. Take your down down, it's quite steep, and be glad that you have good footwear at this point.

Taking Children

Children will need to be made of stern stuff to tackle this hike in either direction.

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