View of Morning Glory Bridge via Grandstaff Canyon Trail

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This is a easy out and back trail to View of Morning Glory Bridge in Negro Bill Canyon Wilderness Study Area.

With tall vegetation and many stream crossings, this hike provides relief from the brutal heat of summer. There are often large rocks in the water you can use to keep your feet dry; these are likely washed away after heavy rains. Certain areas of the trail are marked with small brown arrows or wooden signs; please follow them despite nearby misleading social trails. Poison ivy is found on nearly every section of the trail, with a plethora at the terminus. A natural spring runs under Morning Glory Natural Bridge.

Please stay on trail. Fragile cryptobiotic soil is found in this part of the desert. Walking off trail destroys it and harms the delicate ecosystem.

Please refrain from scratching anything into the rock. Vandalism of public lands and natural resources is illegal under federal law, and the potential penalties for someone who is convicted of class A misdemeanor vandalism include a fine of up to $100,000, or up to one year in jail.

Solid waste does not decompose in the desert. Please pack out your dog's waste and use wagbags (available at any gear store in town) for human waste. Pit toilets can be found at the trailhead.

Leashed dogs are welcome and waste bags are provided at the trailhead.

Getting Started

Follow Highway 128 (aka River Road) about 6 miles from its junction with US 191 (aka Main Street) until you reach Grandstaff Trailhead on the right. If parking is full, park in the dirt lot downriver and across the road.
A pit toilet and dog waste bags are provided at the trailhead.

Taking Children

Children can play in the slowly flowing water and pools at many locations along the trail. There are a couple of mild scrambles and high steps that most adventurous young ones will conquer with ease. 8/10

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