AZT Segement 7 - Las Cinegas Arizona Trail

based on 120 tracks & routes
12.6 mi
7 hrs 34 min
810 ft
Elev Gain


Passage 7 of the AZT, not terribly difficult, though the most boring section thus far. I can see why this section only gets 2 stars. I gave it three because of the winter wonderland experience due to unusual snow fall. Also going under interstate 10 was pretty exciting.

Getting Started

Starting at Twin Tanks, parking is somewhat nonexistent. There is a locked gate which is a road therefore, best not to block it. We wound up parking south on 83 but some mailboxes. From the gate walk about half a mile to the AZT signs and head north.

Taking Children

Not sure if this would be much fun for most kids. Dogs are allowed, and if you get a permit you can hike into the Las Cienegas Creek Preserve which is pretty cool and way more fun for kids.

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Public Tracks

superski777 5 years, 4 months ago
Las Cienegas
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