Mallory Cave Trail

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This is an easy out and back trail in Colorado that takes you to Mallory Cave, a less traveled but worthy trek in the Flatirons. If you are seeking a short trip with a bit of elevation gain, this is the hike for you! For the more adventurous folks, classic bouldering areas and quiet climbing access spots may be had along the trail. You'll want a guide book or beta to make the most out of your excursion, however, as many are not specifically marked.

Please note that this cave is permanently CLOSED to all entry to help mitigate white-nose syndrome in bats, but this is still a great hike and worth checking out! There are protected animal closures in these areas for large portions of the climbing season, and though you may still be able to hike the trail itself, check in with the Open Space website for further information on potential closures of climbing access.

Plenty of packed snow/super-slick ice may be encountered in the colder/wet times of the year, so be prepared! Though this trail starts out pretty simple, the incline of the last bit up to the cave should only be taken on with the proper foot gear. You don't want to slip here on ice!

Getting Started

SUPER IMPORTANT: Check for closures before you go. You don't want to run into any closure surprises halfway through your hike, and these do change throughout the year!

NCAR is most common for ease of distance, but this editor recommends combining just a few of the massive amounts of Flatirons trails into a longer flatirons experience if you have the time. Be careful that you don't put down too many miles though, the elevation gain and baseline altitude for out-of state visitors can be deceiving!

Taking Children

As with most of the Flatirons trails, the elevations encountered and potential for hazardous footing(loose and jagged rock)/weather-induced trail condition changes is something to look at closely. What works easily for some children may be dangerous for others. Make sure you bring a first aid kit, water, and snacks, and pack them all out!

Don't forget, some of the best views of the Flatirons come from the vistas and meadows, so don't worry if the kids can't make it up the steep stuff just yet!

I'd rate this area a 3-7, depending on the conditions and age of children.

Sights to See

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