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Run up to Santiago Peak with the Orange County Overland group. Started at Maple Springs, up and back out the same way.
Tough day due to the extreme cold. -11 at the trailhead, -20 at the summit. Stayed warm, though taking hands out for more than 10-20 seconds was pretty bad, as expected at those levels. Glad to have at least one of the VT 4Ks in the books for winter, with all the effort I'm putting in this week!
This route crosses PRIVATE PROPERTY (section beyond Mount Bethel). I was with friends who knew the owner. Do not trespass without permission!
Dec 28, 2017
Dec 28, 2017
Tough day. Was easy going, if slow due to pretty unrelenting steep climb. Quick 1/3-mile road walk led to LT that was well broken-out/packed mostly by skinners, up to the Hell Brook/Profanity trail junction area. Beyond that, faint snowshoe tracks led up to the col between Adams Apple and the Chin. At the col, lost any sight of the snowshoe track, but made it a little farther. Had trouble getting up one stretch that I believe was the trail, due to very deep drifted snow. Temp was -9F, but wind was relatively light (it appeared very strong on the other side of the mountain). Tried a couple other ways up, but stepped into more than a few spruce traps. This, combined with the temps, the fact that I was solo, and the likely difficulty ahead, led me to decide it best to come back another day, maybe with reinforcements...