A short afternoon hike to Crow's Nest to nab a geocache that has never been found before. We parked at Sugar Bowl and headed up the slopes. We followed an old road at the that traversed up the hillside before it petered out. After that, we took to bushwacking up the ski slope. The vegetation was quite high and it was hard to walk because there were a lot of small streams that we couldn't see. Once on the Ridge, we followed an old singletrack over to Crow's Nest. To get to the actual summit, there is a little bit of a rock scramble. The easiest way is the chute around the backside with two small pine trees growing at the top. We had spectacular views from the top. To the north, we could Castle Peak, Basin Peak, Old Man Mountain, and Buzzard's Roost (Another mountain we had climbed in pursuit of an unfound geocache). To the west, we could see Serene Lake, Devil's Peak, and Royal Gorge. To the South there was all peaks on the back of Squaw. And finally, to the east, we could spot Mt Lincoln, Mt Disney, and Donner Peak. We quickly found the geocache and headed back down. This time we headed back on the single track and took a more developed road all the way down. We also discovered a cave as shown by the waypoint. This was a great hike with some spectacular views. View photos on our website: scooter2x2.com
3.1 mi
2 hrs 24 min
904 ft