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South Teton up to Devil' Staircase

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11.1 mi
5 hrs 44 min
Moving Time
39:47 min/mi
  • 7 hrs 22 min
    Total Time
  • 1 hrs 38 min
    Stopped Time
  • 1.9 mph
    Moving Speed
  • 1.5 mph
    Avg Speed
  • 2,712 ft
  • 2,709 ft
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I started at the South Teton Canyon Trailhead/Alaska Basin Trail, accessed through Driggs Idaho. The first 3 miles is easy with little elevation gain. However, your view of the Tetons is blocked. At the 3 mile mark, the trail splits off towards the Alaska Basin or Devil's Staircase. I chose the Devil's Staircase and am glad I did. After climbing a steep mile up, I connected with the Teton Shelf Trail and could see on of the Tetons. I hiked another 2 miles on the Teton Shelf Trail giving me a spectacular view of all of the Teton Peaks and many other peaks in the area. At about 6 miles into the hike there are a couple of waterfalls on the mountain to the south and a beautiful stream and wildflowers as well as a small lake just above the Devil Staircase. If I had more daylight left I would have continued on the Teton Shelf Trail to the Teton Crest Trail then I would have dropped down to the Alaska Basin and then followed the South Teton trail back to my car. It would have been 16 mile but definitely worth it.