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Recorded on iPhone XS with Gaia GPS for iOS

Mount Pilchuck

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6.2 mi
4 hrs 18 min
Moving Time
01:01:57 min/mi
  • 6 hrs 24 min
    Total Time
  • 2 hrs 5 min
    Stopped Time
  • 1.4 mph
    Moving Speed
  • 1.0 mph
    Avg Speed
  • 2,098 ft
  • 2,072 ft
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I arrived at 6:15 AM on a Thursday and found 5 cars on the lot. At 6:30 I took off and spent 2.5 hrs walking slowly and stopping many times to take photos. I’m estimating that it took me 2 hrs of actual walking to reach the lookout. On the way up, I met a total of 15 people going down. So the trail was definitely not too busy going up. The first section of the trail is forested with relatively easy terrain. The first time you exit the forest (you will see Mt. Rainier on your right), you hit rocks, and from then on, with a few short exceptions, it is rocks and boulders. Eventually, the area opens and you see the lookout way, way up. But damn is it beautiful! Not only the views of Mt. Baker and the Cascades but the open areas you walk through. It is stunning. Finally, in the last section, you lose sight of the lookout and it remains hidden until you almost reach it. The final approach is where you’ll need to use your hands, too. I spent roughly two hours up there enjoying the views and climbing rocks before heading down. And on the way down I met probably 50-60 people. The parking lot was not nearly full when I arrived, but I can see how different that would be on a weekend.

How difficult was it? Based on reviews elsewhere, the level of my fitness, and the ratio of length and elevation gain, I expected it to be a lot more challenging. The terrain is without a doubt difficult, but for anyone in anything approaching decent shape, this should not be a problem.