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Recorded on iPhone 5s (GSM) with Gaia GPS for iOS

Guye Peak East Route (6/21/16, 4:29:03PM)

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5.4 mi
2 hrs 49 min
Moving Time
01:01:24 min/mi
  • 5 hrs 29 min
    Total Time
  • 2 hrs 39 min
    Stopped Time
  • 1.9 mph
    Moving Speed
  • 1.0 mph
    Avg Speed
  • 2,450 ft
  • 2,411 ft
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Yeah that sounds spicy. I decided to stick with what I knew but maybe I will explore that option more next time I'm out there.

Awesome! I did not like the west side route to the north summit, if i went back I would try the east side gully. I wouldn't have done it unroped if not for someone showing me where to go. You have sit on your butt on a small ledge, scooch across and reach back behind you for a bomber handhold.

Did it this morning! I started climbing up before the ledge but was a bit uncomfortable with the level of exposure and wet rock so descended to the ledge and followed your track around. One question I have is regarding your return path. It looks like you went around the west side of the north summit which looked pretty steep to me. The route I've taken before (and did today) is down the slabby gully on the east side and then up gully that takes you to just below the North Summit. Any tips on your route?

GPS track bounced around a lot. The key is to find the exposed ledge that you have to traverse, hopefully if you're near my track it will be obvious. Good luck!

I have been looking for a track of this route for ages! For some reason the whole track doesn't show up on the public map but somehow I found it anyway... Thanks for this