Outreach & Media

This position is not currently available, but you may apply for a future opening.

Play a Key Role in Marketing Ops

We're hiring an outreach coordinator to help network with people in the media, and make Gaia GPS well-known in key verticals like hiking, hunting, offroading, and others. You'll work closely with the CEO/co-founder on media outreach.

This salary is based on your experience - you could potentially be an established PR expert, or a junior applicant with few industry connections. You're duties will include:

  • identifying people in the media that should know about Gaia GPS
  • developing relationships with people in the media
  • helping the CEO do the same

Lifestyle and Benefits

  • The company is all remote, currently distributed across North America.
  • We have the most flexible work environment, which lets all of us balance family and other interests, with work.
  • We offer 4 weeks of vacation, and another 12 paid holidays that can be shuffled around. We provide 2 months of paid maternity, 1 month of paid paternity, and additional unpaid leave.
  • Non-salary financial benefits include bonuses based on company performance (you'll learn the formula while interviewing), health insurance, and 401K matching.
  • We provide the best computers, monitors, tablets, and other home office equipment. We reimburse home internet and mobile phone bills. We comp expenses for any sort of books or other materials for learning.
  • We have a retreat every 9 months, alternating with and without families (past ones include Tahoe, Zion, Rocky Mountain NP, camping, backcountry skiing, etc), to hang-out and mingle the remote team.

Apply by Email

Email jobs@gaiagps.com with subject, "Outreach Coordinator."

  • Attach or link your resume.
  • We'd prefer a cover letter around 5-10 sentences, 2-3 short paragraphs. Tell us:
    • why this job in particular appeals to you
    • why you are a particularly good candidate for it
    • what you do outdoors, and if you use Gaia GPS, other apps, GPS devices, or outdoor maps
    • optional: say what salary you want - this is encouraged for highly experienced applicants with corporate backgrounds (minimum is $32K/year)