Grow and Transform Marketing at Gaia GPS

Marketing Specialist (Remote Work)

We're building a marketing department for the first time. Come be the first full-time marketing specialist, and work alongside another current Gaia GPS employee who is transitioning to full-time marketing work. You two will be the seed of a new department, reporting to the Ops Manager.

The company has been growing quickly, and this summer, we're building the Gaia GPS team up to roughly 22 people from the current 17. Come build the best outdoor mapping software in the world, and work with a group of people who spend tons of time outdoors. Your efforts will directly help a community of record-breaking backpackers, world-renowned guides, conservation scientists, wildland firefighters, hunters, offroaders, and more. Find Gaia GPS in the App Store, Google Play Store, and on

Arc of the Position

To start, we have an array of valuable marketing activities that seem to work, and you’re being hired to execute those, and analyze your results. You’ll do things like write a monthly newsletter, create ads and landing pages, interact with media/partners, design and conduct AB tests, and analyze results.

In the long term, you’ll optimize and expand the mix of marketing work, and hopefully help build a strong marketing department at a quickly growing company.

Job Responsibilities

Given our marketing efforts today, projects include:

  • writing multiple blog posts a month, plus wrapping them into a newsletter and social media
  • testing content and marketing efforts with statistical analysis and AB testing
  • working with contractors (writers, videographers), for blog posts or content for
  • designing drip email campaigns for subsets of users (for example, mountain bikers)
  • working with inbound partners/media/affiliates
  • managing advertising campaigns and create ads using Facebook, Apple Search Ads, Google Ads, or other
  • plus, something that’s often learned by new people at Gaia GPS: light coding, related to analyzing stats and building emails and webpages

Skills and Requirements

  • Clear and concise writer.
  • Prior experience on a marketing team, preferably a small one where you had many responsibilities
  • Technically minded - affinity for statistics, testing, SEO, coding, and web technologies. Background and/or desire to learn more.
  • Has a history of measurable impact on marketing (driving revenue, user growth, or similar)
  • Desires and/or has successful experience with remote work.

Lifestyle and Benefits

  • The company is all remote, currently distributed across North America.
  • We have the most flexible work environment, which lets all of us balance family and other interests, with work.
  • We offer 4 weeks of vacation, and another 12 paid holidays that can be shuffled around. We provide 2 months of paid maternity and 1 month of paid paternity.
  • Non-salary financial benefits include health insurance and 401K matching.
  • We provide the best computers, monitors, tablets, and other home office equipment. We reimburse home internet and mobile phone bills. We comp expenses for any sort of books or other materials for learning.
  • We have a retreat every 9 months, alternating with and without families (past ones include Tahoe, Zion, Rocky Mountain NP, Park City, camping, backcountry skiing, etc), to hang-out and mingle the remote team.


Salary depends on experience.