Help People Explore the Outdoors

Customer Support Specialist (Remote)

Come build the best outdoor mapping software in the world, and work with a group of people who spend tons of time outdoors. Your efforts will directly help a community of record-breaking backpackers, world-renowned guides, conservation scientists, wildland firefighters, hunters, offroaders, and more. Find Gaia GPS in the App Store, Google Play Store, and on

As a Customer Support Specialist, you'll correspond with Gaia GPS users, and help them in using Gaia GPS for their adventures and work. You'll create technical documentation and marketing materials. And you'll have a critical role in helping to improve the software, by understanding users and providing feedback into the product development process.

This is a full-time salaried position starting at $32,000/year.

Lifestyle and Benefits

  • The company is all remote, currently distributed across North America.
  • We have the most flexible work environment, which lets all of us balance family and other interests, with work.
  • We offer 4 weeks of vacation, and another 12 paid holidays that can be shuffled around. We provide 2 months of paid maternity, 1 month of paid paternity, and additional unpaid leave.
  • Non-salary financial benefits include bonuses based on company performance (you'll learn the formula while interviewing), health insurance, and 401K matching.
  • We provide the best computers, monitors, tablets, and other home office equipment. We reimburse home internet and mobile phone bills. We comp expenses for any sort of books or other materials for learning.
  • We have a retreat every 9 months, alternating with and without families (past ones include Tahoe, Zion, Rocky Mountain NP, camping, backcountry skiing, etc), to hang-out and mingle the remote team.


  • Concise and powerful writer
  • Ability to understand and solve obscure problems (poorly phrased questions, novice users)
  • Works hard without constant supervision (remote experience a plus)
  • Good with computers (learn new programs easily, coding/html/css knowledge a plus)

Traits/Activities We've Seen Correlate with Success

  • you're an expert at something, and you've developed hard skills (examples: musical instrument, a Master's degree, programming, bodybuilding, video production)
  • you have a lot of persistence (example: thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail)
  • you excelled at a rigorous program (example: salesperson who hit metrics, REI associate top performer)
  • you are self-taught in some areas
  • vested interest in the outdoors and/or maps
  • interest in or experience with programming
  • previous experience working remotely
  • good memory/recall

Apply for this position

Explain how to do something that you are an expert at.

For example, if you are an expert outdoors person, you could explain how to build a campfire, or how to tie a knot.

You can make a document, webpage, or video - you can put your how-to on DropBox, YouTube, Google Docs, a webpage, or any other online medium you're comfortable with.

In this job, you'll often be explaining how to use Gaia GPS, and this question demonstrates you can explain things you know about.

This should not be a link to a pre-existing work, blog post, or webpage. The purpose of this exercise is to determine your ability to explain something well, not to showcase work you've done.

Paste a link to your work below: